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Popular Sydney rockabilly band, Blue Denim, wanted their new CD cover to look like a 1950s era pulp comic book. Having seen and loved the Sonic Aces CD cover for, “There’s Gonna Be A Rumble” the band asked Sue to create the artwork for their own album cover. Sue loves 1950s-style illustration, and put her passion and skills to work to create the illustrations used for “Cool Cats Cry”. Brad, the double-bass player, had a pinup girl painted on the reverse of his double bass, and wanted to use this as the basis for their logo.

Red Pepper Graphics created vector logo artwork based on this painting so it could be used on the CD covers and other promotional fliers.. The boys in the band were so impressed by her work that they had the artwork tattooed onto their bodies! The next CD in the series was “Just a Cartoon”. This illustration featured the same character created for “Cool Cats Cry”. The boys wanted him to be pining for the love of his life, whom he couldn’t have as she was “Just a Cartoon”