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Atomic Swag tees make the most authentic retro tee shirts around. In fact, these are the closest thing you’ll find to a vintage tee shirt without actually buying vintage! In fact, these are better than vintage because they are brand spanking new! Atomic Swag use traditional materials and printing techniques – exactly the same as was used in the 1950s. You know all those vintage Hawaiian shirts, fabrics and kitchen tablecloths? Well, they were printed exactly the same way as the Atomic Swag tees are printed today.

Sue at Red Pepper Graphics (AKA 50s Vintage Dame) has created many vintage-style artworks for the good folks at Atomic Swag . The briefs vary, but the underlying requirement is that every one of them must look vintage! The artwork is all sketched in pencil first, before being created digitally – lovely clean vector files ready for printing!

Make sure to visit their website at www.atomicswag.com to buy online or to find your nearest stockist.


Atomic Swag tes